[examplotron] Re: Choice Compositor?

From: Eric van der Vlist <vdv@dyomedea.com>
Date: Fri Feb 03 2006 - 10:03:13 UTC

Le vendredi 27 janvier 2006 à 10:01 -0800, Renaud Waldura a écrit :
> Sorry it's taken me so long to respond to this.
> The idea of having a schema and validating against it is slowly getting some
> traction in my workplace. But as I've mentioned, I can't be asking people to
> learn a new language just for this purpose.

:-) ...

> Basically, either I make it super easy to use, or I'm going to have to do it
> myself, which isn't really acceptable either, for practical reasons. (This
> isn't the primary focus of my job, and having people come to me to edit the
> schema defeats the purpose.)
> Enters Examplotron: if 80% of the schema validation can be done in "iconic"
> style, and there remains 20% I have to help out with, that's a lot more
> palatable to everyone. I've gotten a good handle on how to work with
> Examplotron, but there remains some specific use-cases not covered. Eg. this
> choice compositor.
> > Now, that doesn't seem very "iconic" and we're transforming Examplotron
> > into a "classical" schema language such as RELAX NG.
> > Generally speaking, that would be real easy to accept RNG elements in
> > Examplotron... But is it really a good solution?
> Maybe it is. Examplotron is already sort of a pre-processor to RNG anyway.
> Maybe there's 80% iconic, 15% that requires "eg:*" stuff, and 5% that
> requires RELAX to be done right. I like the way Schematron rules can be
> embedded, it's sort of the same idea.

Yes, you can see it that way.

Any other comments about adding a "choice" element?

> Oh, another question. I've validated the generated Relax schema using
> different open source validators I've come across, and the results were very
> disappointing, abysmal even. I mean, I get better messages out of my C
> compiler!

Yes, errors generated by validators are most of the time very hard to
understand for end users.

The exceptions are for schema languages such as Schematron that let you
define your own error messages but, unfortunately, grammar based schema
languages do not let you do so.

> I understand this isn't Examplotron's fault... Are there any validators out
> there that make an effort at being user-friendly?
> I've tried the following validators:
> Jing
> SVM, the Sun thing
> libxml
> Tenuto
> and by far the best (least bad) was RNC.

That's something to take into account when you chose a processor, but,
unfortunately, I haven't much to add to what you've written!


> --Renaud

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