[xmlschemata] Re: Headaches w/ XDOTs

From: Cyril Jandia <cjandia@logfi.fr>
Date: Fri Jul 05 2002 - 15:16:52 UTC

> De : Eric van der Vlist
> : xmlschemata@xmlschemata.org
> Objet : [xmlschemata] Re: Headaches w/ XDOTs
> [...]No, you can also dive into the MSV Java code where they are probably
> much more advanced right now!

OK: I won't miss it, be sure. I'm just a bit afraid, you know...

> And you're welcome to document the alogorithms on this list :-)

... not really by the amount of MSV's Java code (waiting for me ;=) but rather
by the level of abstraction I'm going to, and on subjects I'm still very far to
master :
because, my intuition -as you probably now got, you too- is that I have to
investigate the properties of chains (or sequences, or sets, choose yourself) of
James's pattern derivatives after they are built during the RNG validation
process, all this w.r.t to source document ... but I just don't know which kind
of properties (if any interesting) I should consider, let alone build upon!

(never mind, I'll take this at least as a challenge to myself ;=)

> Eric

(Thanx again)

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