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Date: Sat Sep 02 2006 - 13:24:16 UTC

W_A T_C_H O U T!
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MILL VALLEY, CALIFORNIA August 25, 2006 - The Alliance Enterprise
Corporation announced today a breakthr0ugh in developing an Aerial Landmine
System aimed at locating, detecting and mapping deadly landmines.

More than 100 million landmines in 83 countries are holding
international communities and industries hostage, preventing the investment in and
development of productive lands and the re-building of infrastructure.
A broad variety of landmines have been scattered over productive areas
effectively crippling the economy and disabling thousands of children
and adults. There are no reliable records that accurately show where
these devastating landmines lie in wait for their victims.

With the present day costs to clear a single land mine ranging between
$1,000 to $1,500, solving the problem of de-mining lands will reach
billions of dollars. TaeCorp has developed a technology based, cost
effective solution to this problem using its three tiered approach to
scanning, mapping and removing landmines. TaeCorp's System will provide many
social and economic benefits to countries and their industries
including oil and gas, mining, agriculture, roads and infrastructure

About TaeCorp.

TaeCorp's vision is to be the recognized leader in providing Aerial
Detection Systems including global de-mining, clearing a path to a safer
planet for all humankind.

TaeCorp's mission is to reclaim lands around the globe embedded with
landmines that victimize countries and their stakeholders.
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