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W a t c h o u t!

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Add this g e m to your wat ch list, and wa tch it tard closely!

Nwes Relesae!

Taeocrp announces breackrough in removing deadly land mines.

Mill Valley, California August 25, 2006 - The Alliacne Etnerprise Coproration announced today a breakthrough in developing an Areial Landimne Sytsem aimed at locating, detecting and mapping deadly landmine s.

TaCeorp's mission is to reclaim lands around the globe embedded with land mines that victimize countries and their stakeholders.

More than 100 m i l l i o n land mines in 83 countries are holding international communities and industries hostage, preventing the investm ent in and development of product ive lands and the re-building of infrastructure. A broad variety of la ndmines have been scattered over p roductive areas effectively crippling the e conomy and disabling thousands of children and adults. There are no reliable records that accurately show where these d e v a s t a t i n g land mines lie in wait for their vic tims.
With the present day c osts to clear a single land mine ranging between $1,000 to $1,500, solving the problem of de-mining lands will reach billions of d ollars. TaeCorp has developed a technology based, co st effective solution to this problem using its three tiered approach to scanning, mapping and removing l andmines. TaeCorp's System will provide many social and econom ic be nefits to countries and their industries including oil and gas, mining, agriculture, roads and infrastructure development.

About TaeCorp.

TaeCorp's vision is to be the recognized leader in providing Areial Detetcion Sytsems including global de-mining, clearing a path to a safer planet for all humankind.

Here comes the big one!
All signs show that AE TR is going to Explode!

Conclusio n:
The examples above show the awesome, earning potential of little known companies that explode onto ivnestor's radar screens; Many of you are already familiar with this. Is AE TR poised and positioned to do that for you? Then you may feel the time has come to act... And please watch this one tarde tomorrow! Go AE TR.
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