[examplotron] Choice Compositor?

From: Renaud Waldura <renaud+xml@waldura.com>
Date: Thu Jan 12 2006 - 19:48:26 UTC

Dear Examplotron Users:

I work for the University of California at San Francisco. My department, the
Center for HIV Information, manages a large set of XML documents about HIV
research and prevention. Most XML documents are processed using XSL into
HTML and displayed on our Web sites. XML is also used to store information
about HIV providers and researchers. No schemas are used anywhere, the
document structure is meant to be self-documenting, with the associated
problems -- i.e. it isn't self-documenting, variants are rarely documented,
and it takes a while for new people to pick the structure.

I'm investigating how schema validation could help us manage and document
schemas and their variants. Our staff typically does not have a technical
background, and training them on a schema language is a big issue. (W3C
Schema was immediately eliminated because of its complexity -- frankly it
scared me off.) But Examplotron, thanks to its iconic properties, seems like
a gentle way to introduce schema usage. Any comments?

I've started using Examplotron 0.7 myself, and quickly ran into the lack of
a choice compositor. The manual says "The last Relax NG compositors (choice)
has not been implemented since it doesn't seem very useful as a compositor
for the whole content of an element."

Any ideas on how this could be done if one needed it?

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