[examplotron] Re: Advanced handling of attributes

From: Jonathan Lang <dataweaver42@yahoo.com>
Date: Sun Jul 06 2003 - 06:35:00 UTC

Eric van der Vlist wrote:
> Jonathan Lang wrote:
> > When applying the attribute annotations to the eg:attribute element
> > annotation, you need to restrict some of the capabilities. Assertions
> > are fine as is; they give you a way of validating the attribute's value.
> Assertions would still be an issue since they are currently translated
> as Schematron rules and Schematron rules can't be applied to
> attributes...

Ahh... Oops. I figured that since Schematron is based on XPath,
and XPath has a way to refer to attributes, then Schematron ought
to be able to be applied to attributes. Pardon me for speaking
up in such a poorly informed manner <wry grin>.

> > Even if you find the fully-featured version to be too
> > cumbersome, a simpler version can substantially reduce the
> > need for <eg:attribute>, even if it doesn't eliminate it: if
> > you keep the Occurrence part, you've eliminated the need to
> > use <eg:attribute> to handle required attributes (which is
> > noted in the specification as the most common use of said
> > element annotation).
> Yes, I need to think more about this but can't do it right now
> (I am leaving for the OSCON in Portland in a couple of hours).

Good luck.

> Another option I have been playing with would be to allow a
> subset of Relax NG compact syntax in attributes and I'd like
> to be as close as possible to the compact syntax if we allow
> structured annotations in attributes.
> OTOH, I'd also like to keep the possibility to implement
> Examplotron as a XSLT transformation and there is a compromise
> to find between the expressiveness of these annotations and the
> ease to translate them (and understand them).

Understood. The whole notion of appending an occurrence symbol to
the attribute's datatype occurred to me after reading up on the
XPath 2.0 specification, which does something similar. I'll read
up on the Relax NG compact syntax a bit more to see if I can find
a possible compromise.

> Thanks for your message. I hope I'll be able to spend some more
> time on Examplotron during the summer!

As do I. Looking over the "To Do" list in the specification, I
find that I can't quite identify what of the Iconic 80% hasn't been
done yet (besides the Attribute eyesore). If you could identify what
else of the 80% isn't complete, I'd be much obliged.

Meanwhile, I'm going to see about tackling the "proof of concept" -
for my own amusement, if nothing else. I'll let you know how it
turns out. Note, BTW, that I'm very much an amateur; if _I_ can put
together an Examplotron schema for XHTML, you're pretty much
guaranteed that you're doing everything right.

Jonathan "Dataweaver" Lang

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