[examplotron] Choices and other markup

From: <martin.me.roberts@bt.com>
Date: Thu Apr 03 2003 - 08:33:04 UTC

        I have been using the XSLT version of examplotron for some time as I
have been using subclassed schemas and examplotron has proved very useful at
making sure that subclasses exist before using a schema check.

        There are two things that I have done differently from the 0.4
version of the tool.

        1) I have marked up attributes using the following notation:
                <party eg:occursAttr=" PartyID[?] AgencyID[?]"
PartyID="1112" AgencyID="Supplier"/>

                This square bracket notation means that I have not entered
any elements into the Xpath which makes it easier to make sure eg:assert
work more directly.

        2) I have introduce namespacing that uses the same prefixes that are
in the example document. This is useful as any assert is using expected

        The other major plus is that we have actually used this version of
Examplotron in a delivered application that will be used by our customers to
validate test files. Which reminds me I changed the output to be XML that
can then be transformed for human or read by machines.

        As the validation is xsl it is very easy to get it put inline with
receiving and sending files.

        If any one is interested in this 0.41 version of the XSLT based tool
please feel happy to contact me.
Martin Roberts
Received on Thu Apr 3 10:33:14 2003

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